Logitech to Acquire Blue Microphones Company

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Logitech has announced their bid to acquire Blue Microphone, the California-based company known for making robust microphones.

While there are usually concerns with acquisitions like this, especially when Blue really does make superb microphones as it is (most of the Niche Gamer staff use one of their models for recording), it sounds like Logitech will keep the original team at Blue intact.

“So here’s the deal: all of us here at Blue will keep creating cool stuff for professional musicians, gamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and streamers; Logitech will help us conquer the world. It’s a great partnership full of possibilities,” Blue Microphones said in the press release.

Logitech echoed the enthusiasm by noting Blue mics tend to be synonymous with professional audio recording, right alongside their own products for video recording.

“For Logitech, this is a new space. But, at the same time, it’s not at all. Gamers are already using our Logitech G webcams to stream… Joining up with Blue and their microphone lines is a logical adjacent opportunity with great synergies,” Logitech said in the press release.

Do you own a Blue microphone? Or a Logitech webcam? How are they functioning for your needs? Sound off in the comments below!



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