Live Action Resident Evil Netflix series gets trailer a month ahead of release

Resident Evil Live-Action Netflix Trailer Thumbnail

With the Netflix live-action Resident Evil series set just a month away, Netflix has finally released some footage of the long awaited series with a trailer.

The trailer shows off many staples of the Resident Evil franchise, like the infamous lickers and giant mutated spiders. So despite seemingly not having many characters from the game franchise, they certainly have reached into the pool of enemies one would face if playing the games.

Here’s the new trailer:

This live-action series should not be confused with the recently released live-action movie, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. The series, known simply as Resident Evil, will follow along two timelines. One has Jade and Billie Wesker move to New Racoon City. As their names suggest, the two are daughters of the famous antagonist, Albert Wesker.

The other timeline will follow Jade, now an adult, as she tries to survive in a world where only 15 million people of the population are still alive. The story takes place after the events and discovery of the apocalyptic secrets she uncovered in her youth about her father and the town.

Previously confirmed casting had fans confused or upset that Albert Wesker had his race swapped, a similar decision Netflix has made with their other live-action adaptations for games and books.

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