Little Witch Nobeta launches in September 2022 along with limited editions

Little Witch Nobeta

Publisher Justdan International and developers Pupuya Games and SimonCreative announced Little Witch Nobeta exits early access this fall.

After its release back in June 2020, Little Witch Nobeta will be exiting early access on Steam and launching for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on September 29th.

Here’s a new trailer:

In the retail versions there will be a copy of the game (download key in the case of the PC version), limited edition packaging, an A4-size 48-page script with replica signature, B2-size tapestry, B5-size 32-page art book, and a soundtrack CD. Each edition will also have their own exclusive version for cover art, which can be seen below:

The limited edition for PlayStation 4 will also come with an exclusive “necromancer” costume, while the Nintendo Switch limited edition comes with a “vampire” costume. These will be unlocked for use in a second playthrough. Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be an exclusive costume for the PC’s limited edition.

For those wondering who some of the girls on the covers of the limited editions are. A few are vtubers that are a part of Hololive, as the bosses of the game are voices by them. For reference, their vtuber models are the ones on the left side of the image, while the character they voice is on the right.

In order of the images, these vtubers are Omaru Polka, Shirakami Fubuki, and Shirogane Noel. The news of them voicing these characters lead to the game being reviewed bombed by Chinese players due to the issues between China and Cover Corp (The owners of Hololive).

Little Witch Nobeta is currently available on PC (via Steam).



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