Little Witch Nobeta Coming to PlayStation and Switch

Little Witch Nobeta

The 3D Action-RPG Little Witch Nobeta is confirmed to be coming to PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was made in a blog post by the developer on Steam where the game is already available as an Early Access title. In the post the developer Pupuya Games said: “We are planning to release the full version on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch”.

The post also included a roadmap of additional content and gave the full version of the game an estimated release window between November 2021, and April 2022.

Little Witch Nobeta released in June of last year as an Early Access title. In it, players take on the role of the titular Nobeta and explore an unknown castle that may hold clues about Nobeta’s past.

You can read a rundown of the game from Steam below.

The Little Witch Nobeta is a 3D action shooting game.
Players will explore ancient, unknown castles and use different magic elements to fight against the soul!
The game uses a comfortable Japanese art style, but the battles are quite challenging despite its cute looks.
Underestimating your foes will lead to troublesome encounters. You must discover enemies’ weaknesses and learn the precise time to dodge attacks in order to gain the advantage in combat.

Game feature:

  • Complete plot cutscenes.
  • Moderate puzzle-solving elements.
  • Various combat styles including physical melee attacks and four types of magic: Arcane, Ice, Fire, and Thunder.
  • Each magic spell can either be shot normally, or charged up to unleash a devastating magic trick!
  • Each element has a unique design, allowing players to find one that suits them.
  • Although charging magic spells takes some time, successfully attacking enemies will charge the gauge automatically. Go on the offensive to use powerful magic more often!

Nobeta, the little wonder, came to the castle alone to solve the mystery of her own life. Constantly challenging powerful crafted souls, she learned all kinds of magical abilities and befriended a mysterious little black cat.
What secrets hide in the depths of the castle?

While the developers said that Little Witch Nobeta will come out on “PlayStation” they didn’t specify if that would be PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or both.

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