Limited Run Games PS Vita Titles are Back in Production

We had previously reported Limited Run Games had put several PlayStation Vita titles on hold due to manufacturing demands. It seems some of these issues have been some-what alleviated, with their announcement that they have more Vita carts.

Speaking to Twitter, Limited Run Games’ owner Josh Fairhurst made the announcement on Twitter:

“Good news – we managed to get enough Vita carts allocated to bring back most of the projects we put on hold!
Unfortunately, there are still some killer titles which didn’t happen because of contracts taking too long. That’s a story for another time.”

In subsequent tweets, Fairhurst revealed that this will push the number of PlayStation Vita titles Limited Run Games will release to one hundred. The new carts will also increase the print run on some titles such as Super Meat Boy. Imagine the blood bath that would have ensued over 2,000 copies of Super Meat Boy. Very, very, glad to be able to avoid that.”

Answering other users, Fairhurst confirmed that visual novel The House In Fata Morgana would still be coming to the West via the PlayStation Vita (and PlayStation 4).

Fairhurst answered as best he could on when the next titles would be coming out. “Not really sure – we don’t plan the calendar out further than two months. If I had to guess, we’ll be releasing things in August or September.”

While some speculated where the extra Vita carts came from, Fairhurst commented “Presumably other companies did not end up needing their allocations. I don’t know anything deeper than we were given more carts, unfortunately.”

We will keep you updated on future physical releases by Limited Run Games, and more.


Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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