Life Size Azur Lane Character Mousepad Now For Sale

Azur Lane

Azur Lane fans can rejoice, now that they can browse forums and galleries while their hand lies cradled in the soft embrace of bouncy Kaga Booba.

Asus lane is a popular weeb gacha game that takes historic battleships and turns them into pretty anime girls. They are then tasked with battling enemies in a sort of side scrolling action rpg hybrid of sorts with pay to win aspects.

The game’s similar to Kantai Collection, which also takes a silar concept to recreate historic naval battles between battleships. That are also turned into beautiful anime girls. (Tatsuta is best shipgirl btw)


The boobiepad is currently on sale on J List for a paltry sum of 355 dollarydoos minus the shipping costs (those vary by country) from the looks of it, it seems to be quite comfy and would proudly show it off to dinner guests as a conversation starter.



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