Level-5 Announces “Hyper Casual Fantasy”, Snack World, with an 8-Minute Trailer


Level-5 have announced The Snack World, a 3DS and mobile game, during their Level-5 Vision livestream today.

The Snack World will be a cross-media experience that will also include a manga, a fully computer-generated TV anime, a Japanese movie release, and a toy line. The toy line, miniature keyring items, will use NFC technology to link with the video game. It will be the mechanism by which digital replicas of the items will be made available in-game. These digital items will appear on the protagonist’s waist, and be able to transform into weapons and shields.

Level-5 have dubbed the project a “hyper casual fantasy”.

The developers also discussed their Yokai Watch franchise, and Fantasy Life and Professor Layton sequels during the stream.



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