Lethal Company – The 5 Best Mods

Lethal Company Mods

Lethal Company has a flourishing modding community, which is fueling the game with even more creativity.

The mods range from much-needed utility fixes to new enemies and behaviors, which is insane considering how recent the game is.

We’ve been having a blast trying out these mods, and so we decided to show you some of our picks. Below you can find what we consider to be the top 5 Lethal Company mods available.

5- ReservedFlashlightSlot

Losing an item slot because of a flashlight is pretty annoying, so this mod seeks to rectify this.

Players now have an extra slot specifically reserved for a flashlight, which cannot be filled by other items.

The mod also lets you turn your flashlight on without having to hold it, which is extremely useful.

You can find the ReservedFlashlightSlot mod right here.

4- ShipLoot

Your character can only count loot based on his small field of view, which makes taking a tally of everything you collected pretty difficult.

The ShipLoot mod allows you to identify every single item inside of your ship, so you always know the exact value of everything you have.

Getting rid of the 16 item scan limit is extremely useful, and something that should have been on the game already, but while it isn’t added we can use this mod.

You can find the ShipLoot mod right here.


What’s better than a lobby with four players? A lobby with more than forty players, obviously.

The MoreCompany mod has proved almost mandatory for streamer collaborations, as the four player lobby limitation just doesn’t cut it.

This mod may completely break the game’s balancing, but it makes for some pretty fun times, which is what we are here for.

You can find the MoreCompany mod right here.

2- Helmet Cameras

It’s pretty surprising that helmet cameras aren’t a part of the game already, as it feels incentivized to have someone stay behind helping players.

This mod seeks to rectify that, by adding a live feed of each player’s point of view to the ship monitoring systems.

The resolution and framerate of the cameras can be customized, which lets players decide if they want the cameras to be true to the game’s style or not.

You can find the Helmet Cameras mod right here.

1- Skinwalkers

Possibly the most terrifying mod on this list, the Skinwalkers mod allows monsters to mimic the voices of your friends.

The mod picks up on what conversations you and your friends are having in-game, and saves them as audio clips, which the monsters will recite back.

The monsters only recite clips recorded in the current section, deleting older clips to not balloon in size as you play through matches.

You can find the Skinwalkers mod right here.

Lethal Company is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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