Let Paradox Interactive Teach You the History of Historical Strategy

Paradox Interactive is pretty well known for their care and dedication to the historical strategy game genre, some may say that they even pioneered it before other developers did.

Either way, featured above in a seven minute long video you can get a recap and an explanation of where they came from, and what they’re currently working on. Paradox Interactive studio manager Johan Andersson originally got the inspiration to work on the first Europa Universalis after buying/playing the board game version of it.

Later he heard about a company starting up in Sweden (Paradox Interactive) that wanted to make a game based off the very same board game, after which the original Europa Universalis took roughly two and a half years to develop. It went on to sell very nicely, and they catapulted off its success in the subsequent sequels as they tried to enhance and expand upon what made the game such a success.

They also go over the games they’re currently working on like Hearts of Iron IV, Runemaster, Crusader Kings II, and even their most recent epic – Europa Universalis IV. Apparently, the only kinds of games that get made at Paradox Interactive are the kinds that their staff are fond of – whether they be historical strategy laden games, or action RPGs like Runemaster.

You can read our review for Europa Universalis IV here, and in case you needed a hint – it’s amazing.

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