Len’s Island reveals new Cursed Underworld update

Len's Island

Survival crafting game Len’s Island is getting a massive new update.

You can read the announcement below:

On September 10th we’ll introduce a new underground procedural cave system, weapon enchanting, armor, an overhauled skill-tree, new survival mechanics, a peaceful game mode, and many more game-changing additions.

Some of the new features coming in this update:

  • A massive underground procedurally generated cave system, doubling the size of the world
  • New cursed dungeons, battle cursed bosses, elite enemies, and loot chests
  • Enchant your weapons and tools by unlocking rare runes to harness a new way of fighting in Len’s Island
  • New armor and outfit sets with unique abilities to help you conquer the dungeons
  • Ability to farm and build in the caves, with mushrooms added as a new farming crop to grow underground
  • Expanded and totally rebuilt skill-tree
  • Deer roaming the above islands with new resources acquired from them
  • Surviving in Len’s Island is becoming more in-depth with new hunger, item drop, and survival mechanics
  • A new peaceful game mode for players who prefer minimal dungeon crawling and survival mechanics
  • New build items and décor will be added such as several storage items, wall lighting, paintings and functional aquariums
  • New smaller town settlements scattered over several islands will replace Bridgewater, allowing for further exploration to trade with new villagers selling new items such as armor, enchantment runes, and new resources
  • Rebuilt drag/drop UI system, making machines and storage containers easier to use and more controller friendly
  • Full Steam deck controls and keyboard support

The Cursed Underworld update promises new armors, caves, new enchantments, and more.

Len’s Island is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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