LEGO announces Dungeons & Dragons 50th anniversary collaboration

Dungeons and Dragons LEGO

LEGO announced a new Dungeons & Dragons inspired “LEGO Ideas” set to celebrate the game’s 50th anniversary.

LEGO is also hosting an “Epic Game Night” event using the new sets to bring their D&D campaign to life. The set was originally submitted by Lucas Bolt, who will be the dungeon master for the upcoming event.

The new set includes a castle, tavern, and some classic D&D monsters like a beholder, owlbear, and a massive red dragon. There are also some player character mini-figs shown so you can set them on their own little adventures.

On the D&D side, players can get digital LEGO dice, character backdrops, and frames to use on “D&D Beyond”, a tool that helps players manage their characters and campaigns online.

Dungeons & Dragons has been around for decades and increased in popularity around the time 3.5e released, and arguably went mainstream when 5e released (4e deserved more love).

In recent years, D&D has been hit with both highs and lows among fans. On one hand there’s the critical success of Baldur’s Gate 3, a video game set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting (which as of 5e has become the official setting). On the other hand there was the recent OGL (Open Game License) debacle wherein Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast tried to revise their license for fanworks and third-party products in order to further monetize them.

Meanwhile LEGO has been expanding their licensed products, and most recently made headlines with an upcoming Animal Crossing collaboration with Nintendo. The LEGO Ideas program has also been used to allow fans to create and effectively nominate IPs for consideration as licensed LEGO products, like this fan-made Deep Rock Galactic drilldozer, MOLL-E, and dwarf minifigs.

You can check out the new LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons products on the official site here. The new Dungeons & Dragons licensed LEGO products are set to release next month in April.



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