Deep Rock Galactic appears on LEGO Ideas

Deep Rock Galactic Lego

Deep Rock Galactic fan has proposed an official LEGO set that could hypothetically be made with enough support.

Ghost Ship Games, the team behind the space dwarf mining game seem completely on board with the idea after promoting the idea on their official Twitter page.

LEGO Ideas is an official program that allows everyday people to submit their own build ideas to LEGO. The most popular ones may be selected to become an officially manufactured kit.

We’ve seen this before with a Howl’s Moving Castle kit posted earlier this year which is currently “In Review” after achieving the necessary goal of 10,000 supporters.

The Deep Rock Galactic kit currently sits at approximately 3900 supporters at the time of writing. The proposed build kit would include:

  • 4 Minifigs for each Dwarf (Scout, Driller, Gunner, and Engineer)
  • The Drilldozer (Dottie)
  • The MULE (Molly)

It’s no guarantee that LEGO will run with the idea, even if it did reach the 10,000 supporters needed but a dwarf can dream. You can show your support for the LEGO Idea here.

Deep Rock Galactic is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows (Through Steam).

You can check out our review of Deep Rock Galactic here! (We recommend it!)

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