Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD remaster mod now available

Soul Reaver HD

While the IP remains in limbo due to Square Enix selling off Crystal Dynamics, a fan-made Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD remaster was just released.

The new Soul Reaver HD remaster painstakingly replaces all the textures in the 1999-released game, making it look quite appealing on modern displays. Soul Reaver was the second game in the series, which focuses on protagonist Raziel seeking revenge against eponymous series mainstay, Kain.

The game was available in modern times on Windows PC via Steam and GOG, but it was pulled for “important updates” and hasn’t been re-listed since. Speculation tends to mention this was likely due to the now-confirmed Embracer Group buyout of Crystal Dynamics, who own the IP.

Here’s a new trailer showing off story bits and some gameplay from the HD mod:

If you’re looking to get down with high-definition, classic vampire goodness – find the Soul Reaver HD remaster fan project over on its official site.

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