Kotaku JRPG op-ed gets Community Noted on social, then gets removed


Kotaku was corrected by Twitter’s Community Notes as one of their tweets led to an article claiming that JRPGs were “revived” by a “stylish RPG” several years ago – the ever-popular Persona 5.

While the actual statement in their editorial about the last flagship RPG from Atlus is debatable, this Community Note has since been removed.

Kotaku is known for pushing a certain agenda in their articles so their post on a singular RPG “reviving a dying genre” had many naturally critical of this claim.

Others went on to deny the claim and eventually, the tweet received a community note with context to show the statement is patently false:

However, at the current time of writing, this Community Note has since been removed:

No reason has been provided as to why the note was removed, but some are assuming it is because the article referred to “turn-based JRPGs”.

Here are some sample comments from the tweet of people disagreeing with Kotaku’s claim about JRPGs:

Editor’s Note: Featured art by Umenituru

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