Konami Forces Lab Zero Games to Remove Skullgirls from PSN, XBLA

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Skullgirls had its share of troubles leading up to release, and now it seems like the game is having even more issues with their console publisher, Konami.

This decision was made following the dissolving of relations between them and Lab Zero Games, as Konami was holding them back from updating the console build. So, in essence, Lab Zero Games knew this was coming, Konami just up and decided to file the request without confirming with Lab Zero Games or their new console publisher, Autumn Games.

Things are definitely shady, considering the lawsuit between Konami and Autumn Games over DefJam Rapstar is now over, and as such Konami wants to cut all ties and stop dealing with Autumn Games forever. So now, Lab Zero Games is requesting that the delisting date be pushed back to 12/31, to give them time to prep up the new build, that will come with a host of updates and the new Squiggly character.

If you already own Skullgirls on either Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, this won’t affect your ownership but the online play is probably going to cease to function, at least until Lab Zero Games can solve this. The Japanese console release is fine as that was handled by CyberFront, as well as the PC release that was ported over by Marvelous AQL.

Here’s Ravidrath’s entire explanation behind the situation, courtesy of NeoGAF.

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