Kojima Productions Hiring for New Project

Kojima Productions Jobs

Death Stranding developer Kojima Productions have announced they are hiring staff for their new project.

The studio’s website is currently down at this time of writing, though Video Games Chronicle reports over 25 roles are listed on the website; including programmers, artists, writers (reportedly with experience in writing manga or novels), and designers. Unsurprisingly, the Tokyo-based studio states “business-level Japanese speaking and writing is required for all applicants.”

The LinkedIn profile for the company lists 25 jobs, all added 5 days prior. These include Sound Designer, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Cinematic Artist, Lighting Artist, UI-2D Artist, Character Artist, Animator, Sound Programmer, Animation Programmer, Physics Programmer, Tools Programmer, Technical Artist, System Programmer, Weapons-Mechanical Artist, AI Programmer, Project Manager, Environment Artist, Writer, 3D Rendering and Effects Programmer, Network Programmer, VFX Artist, Localizer (listed as “Localize”), and Producer-Assistant Producer.

The writer role (Translation: Deepl) asks for “Experience in scenario production for games and video works, writing original manga or novels, etc. (regardless of professional or amateur status);” preferably with “Experience in writing scenarios and other non-Japanese language material.” 

The nature of this next project is not yet know, but news over the prior year indicates it could be related to Death Stranding, or a horror game. While founder and director Hideo Kojima stated the studio would make movies in the future, a programmer would suggest a video game.

While teasers of Kojima’s desk revealed very little, concept art showed what appeared to be some kind of sci-fi ship with “BRIDGES” emblazoned on the side. In the Death Stranding universe, Bridges was the company set up to help re-connect society across the US after a voidout explosion and the death of the US President.

Kojima had also expressed an interest in making a horror game, no doubt fueled by the ill-fated Silent Hills and P.T. (Playable Teaser) demo. However, the game was cancelled in 2015 by Konami. Soon after the situation rapidly deteriorated [12345] ultimately leading to Kojima leaving Konami, and forming Kojima Productions.

Kojima had expressed this interest to Uzumaki author Junji Ito. While this offer was made casually, the language barrier made many believe it was a serious offer. Ito later apologized for getting people’s hopes up.

Based on the Weapons-Mechanical Artist role, it seems that if this project was a horror game, it may be more sci-fi based. Players could therefore fight back in a more meaningful manner, meaning a Silent Hill style horror game is unlikely.

In related news Ludvig Forssell, the composer of Death Stranding, announced he was working on recording for an undisclosed project. However, he was quick to emphasize in a later tweet “Woah woah woah. People need to calm their horsie-poos; this is a side-project I’m working on, not related to KJP. Am stoked about this one though!”



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