Killer Instinct Video Demonstrates “Ghost Girl” Hisako’s Ultra Combo and Finisher

Hisako, the onryou (vengeful spirit) affectionately referred to as “Ghost Girl”, will soon be released for Season 2 of Killer Instinct. Ahead of that release, we get a look at the new fighter’s ultra combo and stage finisher. Watch the clip above.

You can see the ultra combo here initiates with a lightning strike. As for Hisako’s stage finisher … A dark portal opens up and the shadowy limbs of a throng of damned souls grasp at Glacius, pulling him into their underworld. He tries to fight back, but Hisako and her helpers are just too much. He succumbs, to vanish with the portal.

The horror girl’s moves and playstyle have previously been demonstrated, and in case you missed it, Killer Instinct now has monthly ranked leagues.

Screenshots, videos, and details on the rest of the Killer Instinct cast can be found in our archives for the fighting game.

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