Kengan Ashura season 2 premieres this Fall

Kengan Ashura

The upcoming second season of Kengan Ashura will hit Netflix this September as part of the Fall 2023 anime season.

Originally released as a manga in 2012, Kengan Ashura is the debut success of Yabako Sandrovich.

The series follows an old salaryman who finds himself embroiled in the money and politics of sponsoring an infamous fighter in a high stakes tournament.

You can read a summary of the series from MyAnimeList below.

Behind every major business deal in Japan is a fighter left lying on the ground… and another standing over the body. Ever since the Edo period, Japan’s most influential companies have settled their conflicts through ruthless unarmed gladiator battles. In order to facilitate these matches, an underground organization, known as the Kengan Association, was created.

Ouma Tokita, a man nicknamed “The Ashura,” strives to become the strongest martial artist. To do so, he becomes a Kengan fighter for a company called the Nogi Group. Shortly after, Kazou Yamashita, an employee with a stale job at the Nogi Group, is asked to become Ouma’s manager. Now thrown into harrowing arenas, will this duo be able to survive in the brutal world of Kengan?

The second season was announced last year and makes heavy usage of 3DCG.



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