Kemono Friends 3 ends service on PS4 after just 2 months

Kemono Friends 3 Shutting Down PS4 Thumbnail

Developer Appirits has announced they will be ending service for Kemono Friends 3 for the PS4.

The game will still remain active on iOS, Android, and PC as they have been released on those platforms since 2019 for mobile and 2020 for PC. This cancelation means the game will no longer be playable on PS5, as it was backwards compatibly play and not a native port.

Kemono Friends 3 has only been on the PS4 since June 6 earlier this year. Now not even 2 months since the initial launch, they are going to shut down service for the free-to-play titles.

The reason for the cancelation is due to continuing technical issues that have plagued the game since launch. Since June 16th, the game has been put under constant maintenance due to problems with logging in. The game has only been essentially playable for 10 days out of the 2 months since launch.

“While we have continued to deal with the problems that occurred on the operations side, we have determined that solving these problems would be extremely difficult and there is no realistic means for solving them, as a result of the situation, we have concluded that it will be difficult to continue providing service for the PlayStation 4 version, and will sunset service for this platform”

Those who have made any in-game purchases will be able to send a form in order to get a full refund.

There have been a good number of other titles getting shut down this year. Bandai Namco ended the online service of Jump Force back in February, which also led to them delisting the game.

Ubisoft got into hot water as they are shutting down the online services of dozens of their games, where people believed it would take the ability to play Assassin’s Creed: Liberation away from owners. Though the DLC people had purchased will no longer be assessible.

Kemono Friends 3 will still be available for iOS, Android, and PC (via DMM Games).



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