Justin Sevakis on Lovely Complex dub: ‘You know what we stand for, and it sure ain’t censorship’

Media OCD

Justin Sevakis, the owner of Media OCD and a producer for Discotek Media spoke up after Discotek, Sound Cadence, and Sevakis all deleted their statements about the Lovely Complex dub allegedly “vandalized” by JelloApocalypse.

In his statement, Sevakis explains that they need to “coordinate some stuff” and may have more to say in the future. Sevakis went on to explain that he and his company stand against censorship. You can find his whole statement below.

As previously reported, Discotek Media, Sound Cadence Studios, and Sevakis all posted a statement regarding the alleged vandalism of the Lovely Complex dub by Brendan “Jello” Blaber. These statements were all removed with Sevakis stating that “we were asked to”.

While we’re sure fans would want to know who exactly asked them to, the follow-up statement made by Sevakis today is the sort of transparency we aren’t used to seeing in the localization industry and it’s a welcome change.

You can find out more about the post that kicked this all off here, wherein JelloApocalypse claims that the dub made the show better and he brags about all the changes he allegedly made.

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