JelloApocalypse ‘vandalism’ didn’t make it to Lovely Complex final cut

Lovely Complex

According to Justin Sevakis, a producer for Discotek Media, many of the changes JelloApocalypse (Brendan Blaber) claimed to have made to Lovely Complex didn’t make the final cut.

Sevakis responded to a tweet containing a scene that Blaber allegedly had cut from the English dub of the anime saying that “there was no vandalism”.

For those who missed it, yesterday an archive of a Patreon post by Brendan “Jello” Blaber began making the rounds on social media where he bragged about his role in the dub of Lovely Complex and how he used his position to enact editorial changes to the content.

While these changes have allegedly not made it to the final cut, fans are still concerned as his intentions echo the fears fans have had regarding localization.

Discotek responded to Blaber’s post by saying they would no longer work with him in the future.

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