Story-rich RPG Just a Chest gets overview trailer

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Play as a talking treasure chest in this emotional new RPG Just a Chest.

Just a Chest has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Just a Chest is not your typical JRPG. The protagonist is not a traditional fantasy hero or demon lord — actually, it’s not even human. We’re talking about a treasure chest called Isaac. Isaac embarks on a journey to explore the world with other equally unconventional allies like a cat, a slime, and an amnesiac prince. Along the way, players have the choice to align with humans or monsters or keep their neutrality.

Players can experience three entirely different storylines, following the adventures of the protagonist and their party. Even the same characters and the same reality can have drastically different outcomes when viewed from different perspectives. As the story progresses, in-game NPC’s dialogues and investigations are updated to align with the main storyline, offering players a dynamically changing fantasy world.

And since the protagonist is a treasure chest, it can generate the items needed for the adventure itself, including money! The game features a simple yet fun generation system, where Isaac will produce useful items at regular intervals. As players gain experience, Isaac’s ability to produce more practical and diverse items improves. The developer, 42Teaparty, has previously worked on highly acclaimed titles like JiongHun, An NPC’s Odessey, and Things as They Are. Just a Chest promises to offer players an unconventional adventure.

The game is scheduled to be exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2023. At the event, players will be able to preview the early stages of Isaac’s adventure and get a first taste of how the story varies significantly between the human and monster routes.



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