Play as Shonen Jump characters in the JUMP: Assemble MOBA

JUMP: Assemble

Japan has gotten in on the whole “MOBA” craze by finally making one with anime characters via JUMP: Assemble.

JUMP: Assemble is a 5-on-5 MOBA game (bearing similarities to League of Legends) where players choose a classic Shonen Jump hero to play as and push lanes for experience and the like.

MOBAs with anime characters aren’t exactly new (including old fan games such as Warcraft 3 custom maps), so some may be skeptical as to whether or not the game will succeed financially, despite being official.

The playable characters hail from such series as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach, and more characters will be added in the future.

Here’s some gameplay videos of the beta:

JUMP: Assemble will officially launch on smartphones sometime in 2024.



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