JSAUX unveils new custom Steam Deck cases

Jsaux Steam Deck

Ever wanted a white Steam Deck? How about an old-school clear plastic one?

JSAUX’s Steam Deck cases are available in solid white, or in transparent crystal, purple, and brown colors. Both front and back plates retail for $49.99, and can be found on JSAUX’s official site.

You can view the announcement below:

Consumer electronics brand JSAUX expands its Shell Series with a new white Steam Deck case. This product is available now on their website for players worldwide.

After the success of the transparent covers and the RGB Plates, JSAUX’s now introduced white as an option for customizing the Steam Deck. This product is made with the same technology and materials, using aluminum flakes, air vents and a silicone case that will help reduce the temperature of the handheld while playing.

This product is available for purchase now on their website as a set for $49.99, and the units will be shipped in early to mid-October.

JSAUX, a pioneer brand in innovation and quality, boasts products that are best-sellers across over 100 countries and regions worldwide, serving more than 20 million consumers. Since 2016, multiple JSAUX product lines sold on Amazon have been designated as “#1 Best Sellers”, ranking first in several categories. This success has solidified JSAUX’s foothold in the electronics accessories market and has further established the brand as one of the top 100 Chinese brands on Amazon.

In 2022, JSAUX swiftly rose to become one of the most popular brands in gaming accessories, firmly establishing itself as the premier brand for Steam Deck accessories. The brand’s strong product innovation, superior quality, robust supply chain, and consumer-centric brand strategy have enabled it to continuously design and produce outstanding products over the past seven years. This accomplishment is the result of seamless coordination within our internal teams, spanning from research and development to product manufacturing and global marketing.



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