John Lowrie the voice of TF2’s Sniper teased a new Valve project

Sniper Team Fortress 2

According to a recent tweet from John Lowrie, the voice of the Sniper in Team Fortress 2; Valve is working on a new project that requires his talents.

Valve has taken a hands-off approach to game development in recent years, with their latest big project being Half-Life: Alyx. But before that it’s been DOTA 2 and its spin-offs like Artifact and DOTA Underlords.

It’s unclear what exactly Lowrie is working on at Valve, especially since the company has used voice actors they’re familiar with for different projects. For example Ellen McLain (who’s married to Lowrie) is both the voice of GLaDOS from the Portal franchise and the Announcer from Team Fortress 2.


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