John Carmack regrets “not doing more” to support Palmer Luckey being cancelled

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John Carmack has made a public statement saying that he regrets not speaking out and defending Palmer Luckey during the time the pair had both worked for Meta.

He said this in the context of back when Luckey left the company, which had some speculation that he was fired over his politics after the news of him financing a meme group in support of Donald Trump during the latter’s 2016 presidential campaign came out.

“I regret not doing more to support and defend Palmer Luckey at Facebook,” Carmack said. “We were in different states and divisions, and I was largely out of the political loop, but when I became aware of the situation I should have made a clear and open statement of opposition to the witch hunt.”

He added, “Companies are better off without the crowd that did that. Thankfully, Palmer has gone on to even greater success.”

The programming veteran made this statement in response to another user on Twitter/X saying a similar thing in regards to Brendan Eich, co-founder of web browser Firefox, who was ousted from his position as CEO after news surfaced of him donating to groups opposing same-sex marriage came out.

Carmack is largely known as the co-founder of id Software and the lead programmer on popular games such as Doom, WolfensteinCommander Keen, and more.

It’s worth pointing out that Carmack has since left Meta, claiming the company wasn’t run efficiently among other issues when it came to development.

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