John Carmack resigns from Meta, says it wasn’t run efficiently

John Carmack

Famed game developer John Carmack has resigned from Meta, as revealed in a post on Facebook.

He states his departure is the “the end of [his] decade in VR”, as he is resigning from his position of executive consultant on VR for the company after being there for years.

“Quest 2 is almost exactly what I wanted to see from the beginning – mobile hardware, inside out tracking, optional PC streaming, 4k (ish) screen, cost effective,” he said.

He added their “issue is our efficiency” and that the team constantly “self-sabotage” themselves despite the “ridiculous” amount of resources available to them.

Carmack had attempted to resolve issues himself, but noted things only “eventually turn [his] way after a year or two passes”.

Despite all this, he does still have confidence in his former team, saying VR can bring a lot of value to the world and that no other company is better positioned for it than Meta.

Moving forward, John Carmack is shifting to work on his own startup, which is focused on developing AI.

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