Japanese netizens repulsed by Fable heroine’s new look

The notoriously hated Fable “remake” trailer has seemingly just now reached the eyes and ears of Japanese individuals.

The Japanese users have shared similar sentiments from the previous trailer regarding its atrociously bad and out-of-place character design.

Serving as another example of the video games industry being obliviously out of touch with fans and intent on destroying the medium with a biased political agenda, the Fable remake trailer earned a high amount of dislikes when it was released two months ago:

Here’s the infamous trailer:

Japanese consumers have now gotten wind of the trailer, and their comments were in agreement with most as they despised the character designs:

“Foreigners consider this to be a beautiful woman, therefore it’s amazing.”

“If Link had this kind of face, I’d immediately throw my Switch out the window like a Frisbee.”

“I can only see the face of a bastard.”

“It feels like a face that was beaten over and over again with the porikore [political correctness] stick.”

“The true form of the feminist is that of a Chinese spy. If taken seriously, sales will plummet. So, don’t consume China’s lewd games and monopolize the share.”

“Seems to be some game cockroaches worship.”

“Androgynous-like, ugly.”

“Looks like the faces of one of the background giants in Shingeki no Kyojin.”

“Isn’t this a man?”

“What? Is this the heroine?”

“It gives me hope that even an ugly guy can become the hero.”

“Looks like the face of a Vietnamese person.”

“‘Moe’ and ‘kawaii’ are Japan’s greatest weapons, wield them.”

“The series is already done for.”

“Ordered to throw the main character’s charm down the drain.”

“Template porikore face.”

“It’s like an alien taking the form of an earthling.”

“Aloy still looks better because she looks like a beautiful woman from some angles.”

“This is a level 1 face, right? It should gradually become more beautiful as the level rises.”

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