Japanese fans are increasingly aware of English localization quality

Lucoa Kobayashi

Japanese fans and YouTubers are finally taking note of the controversial quality of English localization when it comes to games, manga, and anime.

In large part thanks to YouTuber Rev Says Desu (Revuwu) and Twitch streamer Asmongold bringing light to the recent controversy, Japanese fans are being exposed to the sort of localization quality being provided to English-speaking fans.

Japanese YouTubers such as Pukujiji have their own criticisms for the English localization scene as you can see in the video here.

Localization quality has been an often discussed topic for English-speaking anime, video game, and manga fans; localizers and some companies have become known for censorship and recontextualizing scenes, dialogue, and in some cases removing entire gameplay mechanics (such as the head-patting mini-game from Fire Emblem: Fates).

However the discussion became heated when the official The Ancient Magus Bride X (formerly Twitter) account mentioned the series would be simultaneously published in English thanks to AI translation with human oversight.

With the option to now cut out the worst localization offenders, many localizers and voice actors circled their proverbial wagons and lashed out. However fans appear to be willing to give AI translation a chance given the alternative.



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