It Follows sequel They Follow announced

They Follow

A sequel to the 2014 film It Follows called They Follow has been announced.

The original film followed the story of a young woman who inherits a sexually transmitted curse. The latest individual to receive the curse will be hunted down by a mysterious entity that can take any humanoid form it desires. However only those who have the curse can see the entity.

The entity is tireless, crafty, but also incredibly slow. It’s like that meme where someone asks you if you’d take $1 billion but be forever chased by a snail that kills you on contact.

David Robert Mitchell is returning as the writer and director for They Follow, and Maika Monroe will reprise her role as Jay Height, the heroine of the first film.

It Follows is considered a modern day cult horror that has a dedicated fanbase. It “only” grossed about $20 million in theaters but on a budget of only $1.3 million that’s not bad.

You can check out the trailer for It Follows below if you’re interested in the original.

It Follows is available to watch now on Netflix and select streaming services.



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