Ikaruga Creator has Revealed a Brilliant New Playstation 4 Shmup Called “Ubusana”

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Hiroshi Iuchi is known for his mesmerizing and knuckle-whitening shoot-em-up Ikaruga, and he’s just announced a brand new shmup, for Playstation 4.

Announced via his his official blog, Iuchi and his company, M2, are working on a game dubbed simply Ubusana, for PS4. Iuchi shared the first details for the title on his blog:

“I don’t think it will surprise anyone that our new game’s genre is ‘shooting’. It’s the 50YW project that I’ve previously spoken about here on my blog, a number of times. We’re further improving the game, while retaining the game system from before. However, we’ve built a new prototype, and currently we’re tweaking the mechanics of the title. Despite all the changes that weren’t implemented to the core system, we’ve made some changes to the game world and story. We’re essentially rewriting the story, and coming from this, the background and world of ’50YW’ will be scrapped.”

Iuchi continued, describing why they decided on the Playstation 4 as a development platform:

“Our plan is to sell and distribute the game on Playstation 4 as a Playstation Network exclusive. I won’t confirm that this game is exclusive to Playstation, but in terms of the production and scale of this title in comparison to the budget here at M2 – we’re focusing on PS4 for right now.”

Before you go and start cheering in the streets, setting off fireworks and firing off your assorted rifles and handguns into the skies – Iuchi did reiterate that there is still “quite a ways to go” before the game can release. Until then, Iuchi is asking fans to patient wait for the title as they further polish it up.

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  1. salazar547
    August 15, 2014 at 12:41 am

    ikaruga?? welp im getting a ps4 then

  2. Brandon Orselli
    Brandon Orselli
    August 15, 2014 at 8:28 am

    Yeah this game is going to be incredible. Can’t wait for us to see gameplay…… hopefully at TGS?? ;(