IdolM@ster’s Hagiwara Yukiho becomes a VTuber, plays Dig Dug

The IdolM@ster franchise has continued to take advantage of the virtual YouTuber fad as classic idol Hagiwara Yukiho has taken part in a video where she plays Namco classic Dig Dug.

Here’s an hour and a half livestream of Yukiho’s seiyuu (voice actress) Asakura Azumi playing Dig Dug, as well as Mr Driller Encore:

For those not familiar, Yukiho is typically a shy character lacking in self-confidence, and often talks about how she wants to “bury herself”, leading to the fandom often associating Yukiho with digging equipment, such as drills.

About 15 years ago, Yukiho’s seiyuu (the first one, Yurina Hase) also did a Dig Dug-themed song called “EXCAVATE”.

There have been past moments where the franchise had its voice actresses play the role of VTuber for their idols, such as with Tenka Osaki playing Soul Calibur, Miki’s initial VTuber appearance, and Haruka and Takane at the Tamashii Nation Opening Ceremony.



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