Idolmaster Starlit Season Announced, Launches 2020 for PC and PS4

Idolmaster Starlit Season

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Bandai Namco have announced Idolmaster Starlit Season, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of The Idolmaster (“[email protected]”) franchise.

The official Japanese website explains that after the producer (i.e. you) have come back from training overseas, the idol company’s CEO wants you to produce a special idol group  for the upcoming Starlit Season concert. The group must be made up of idols from different companies.

In addition, the official Japanese website also revealed which idols from past games would be returning, with six more set to be revealed in the future. The official Idolmaster website also showed off the cast.


Idolmaster Starlit Season launches 2020 for Windows PC (via Steam), and PlayStation 4.

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