Asymmetrical VR horror deduction game Mannequin announced


Try to differentiate between humans and aliens in Mannequin‘s completely frozen world.

Mannequin is set to release at some point in 2024 for the Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2, and SteamVR. You can sign up for the upcoming playtest here.

“Mannequin blends suspense and strategy in a unique way that can only be captured in VR,” said James Hunt, Game Director. “Each encounter will have your heart beating, encouraging teamwork and clever tactics. The world may be frozen, but you must remain fluid – it’s about outthinking your opponents and staying one step ahead.”

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

The world has stopped. Time is frozen. All attempts to make contact with the aliens have failed. Special Agents have been deployed to neutralize the threat once and for all. Play as alien Mannequins and set up deadly ambushes by posing as humans frozen in time, or as human Agents wielding high tech gadgets to neutralize the Mannequins from a distance.


  • Choose Your Side: An extraterrestrial presence has appeared across the globe, and the world has stopped. The First Responders sent in to investigate the sites have all fallen victim to the frozen time. In matches for up to five players, play as an alien Mannequin or join the human special forces as an Agent. Prowess lies not in marksmanship, but in the art of outwitting the adversary.
  • Pose As A Human: Mannequins focus on close combat and can time-freeze threats by touch. Players can use their VR headset, controllers and body to pose in 3D space in order to blend in among the time-frozen humans. Infiltration is the tool, and the art of camouflage is the mastery.
  • Fight As An Agent: Agents specialize in ranged combat with an EMP Gun to neutralize the aliens. Use the EMF Reader to uncover concealed threats or leverage the Power Stations to recharge and seize the tactical edge in combat.
  • Voice Chat: Communicate and strategize internally without the opponent team eavesdropping. Beyond the heated battles, socialize, experiment with posing, and interact with fellow players within the lobby


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