Horror games about the Backrooms get bundled on Steam

Backrooms Ultimate Horror Bundle

If you are looking for horror through liminal spaces, the Backrooms Ultimate Horror Bundle is a good place to start.

Here’s a rundowno n the new bundle:

Steelkrill Studio, RE:CODE, Teleopsia Game, Andrew Quist and Andrew Brenes teamed up to bring you the ultimate Backrooms horror games bundle on steam featuring the biggest single player backroom titles yet in just one bundle. All games are currently positive rated on steam and you are in for a treat! Will you be getting the 5-in-1 backrooms horror bundle?

Experience 5 amazing backroom games for your enjoyment – 5 games based around using the concept of The Backrooms each with their own terrifying twists and concept at a discounted price. Immerse yourself with the biggest Backrooms Horror Games Bundle on steam! Do you have what it takes to complete them all?

  • The Backrooms 1998
  • The Backrooms: Survival
  • Dream Logic
  • Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1
  • Within the Backrooms

The Backrooms Ultimate Horror Bundle is available on Steam for $41.60, with price adjustments if you already own any of the bundled games.

The Backrooms 1998, The Backrooms: Survival, Dream Logic, Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1, and Within the Backrooms are all available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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