Horror dating simulator Slay the Princess gets release date

Slay the Princess

Upcoming psychological horror Slay the Princess presents a simple and harrowing task to you when it launches next month.

Slay the Princess is fully voiced, and comes from the award-winning studio Black Tabby Games, known for their powerful storytelling.

Slay the Princess is coming October 20, 2023, to Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

Here’s a rundow on the game, plus a new trailer:

“The more I tell you about her, the more difficult your task is going to be. The Princess poses an existential threat to the entire world, and she will do and say whatever it takes to get out of that cabin. So focus up, stop asking so many questions, and slay her before it’s too late.”

Does this mysterious narrator (voiced by Jonathan Sims from The Magnus Archives) speak true? Mysteries lurk between his words, and he’s definitely not divulging the whole story. Walk into the cabin, pick up the blade, and decide the truth for yourself. Or don’t even go to the cabin! Maybe say “to heck with this” and just leave. No matter how it ends, somehow you keep finding yourself outside the same cabin, with the same command… but the princess (voiced by Nichole Goodnight), she’s not the same as she was the last time…right?

Facilitate fate in an evolving drama drenched in monochromatic hand-penciled art from Ignatz-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard (The Crossroads at Midnight, The Last Halloween). Experience déjà vu like never before in a branching meta-narrative that unfolds its story in warped, hilarious, and unpredictable ways. Slay or be slain (or find a third option?) as each loop contorts to reflect each decision, forming a story with new twists and turns each playthrough. Begin the quest anew, joined by new personalities attempting to guide your actions.

Endure the princess’ attempts at escaping her shackles. Hold fast in the face of her emotional manipulation…unless she’s telling the truth? Maybe she is a monster, maybe she did kill you that one time…or a few times, actually, but how does the narrator know this will save the world? What even is this world and what power does the narrator hold over it? Question everything. Or don’t. Just slay the princess and everything will be fiiiine. Probably.



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