Hololive Vtuber Usada Pekora gets signature soda

Hololive Usada Pekora Pecola

In an unlikely partnership, Hololive’s Usada Pekora is now selling her own craft cola, called Pecola.

COLAND, now known as U-Products, has partnered with Hololive’s crazy rabbit to deliver her own batch of hand-crafted cola.

You can read more about it below:

“Usada Pekora’s craft cola syrup is born!”

U Products’ first collaboration syrup “Pecola” was born in collaboration with the talent “Usada Pekora” belonging to the VTuber group “Holo Live”.

The cola syrup, which realizes a complex flavor by blending fragrant spices and herbs, is produced by U Products, a natural syrup studio in Nabari, Mie Prefecture, under the supervision of Pekora Usada.
With a refreshing taste centered on domestically produced lemon and cardamom, it is easy to drink even for craft cola beginners.
In addition to carbonated water, you can enjoy it deliciously by mixing it with milk (Hot/Ice) or hot water, or pouring it over yogurt.

In addition, the illustrations used for the “Pecola” label and original box are drawn by Bkubu Okawa of “Pop Team Epic”.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of the products, only two 200ml bottles are available per person.

A commemorative tall glass has also been made to celebrate this crossover, as well as a drink coaster and other small extras.

You can find all of these products on the U-Products site, each pair of bottles goes for roughly $38 dollars + tax and shipping.

If you are a Usada Pekora fan, also check out her addition to Idol Showdown.

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