Hololive releases new HoloEarth trailer


Hololive has released a new trailer for their upcoming HoloEarth metaverse game.

It’s been a busy few days for Hololive, between a new trailer for Hololive Alternative, Tsukumo Sana’s birthday, and more, Cover Corp has made time to give us a new peek at the upcoming metaverse game they announced last year.

HoloEarth is a survival crafting game which appears to take place in the Hololive universe (a universe being expanded on with their Hololive Alternative project).

The project is intended to be both a survival-crafting game and also social hub for Hololive fans and content creators, you can read a list of features from the official site below.

This project will use a variety of media to bring the world of hololive Alternative, “Holoearth,” to life in virtual space. Our goal is to allow all hololive fans to experience this world alongside the talents of hololive production. To that end, our newly formed in-house development team is already hard at work.

The metaverse project “Holoearth” consists of several subprojects, which are being developed in parallel.


  • Sandbox game – We are developing an open-world sandbox game in which players can go on adventures and experience daily life. You can battle monsters, build a house to live in, and immerse yourself in the world of Holoearth. Every player will have a new story to tell.
  • Communication lobby – This lobby will serve as the gateway to Holoearth, where you can meet and converse with other fans. Here, you can recruit a party to go adventuring within the sandbox game. We are also hoping to hold special events in this space in the future.
  • Avatar creation system – We are developing an avatar creation system to allow prospective adventurers to create the bodies they will inhabit when they enter the world of Holoearth. Through the course of your adventures and daily interactions, you will be able to collect, equip, and customize various outfits, equipment, and accessories for your avatar body.

A release date for the game has yet to be announced, but Cover Corp plans to initially launch HoloEarth on PC. A mobile release is expected to follow sometime afterwards.



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