Hololive English is holding VTuber auditions

Hololive English Auditions

Hololive has announced that they’re holding VTubers for the next generation of holoEN idols.

Hololive is a VTuber company whose talents perform livestreams and other content using virtual avatars. Unlike other companies, hololive considers itself an idol group and their talents regularly perform covers and original songs on stage with 3D motion capture.

Originating in Japan, hololive gained a surprising amount of popularity in the English speaking world thanks to fan translators and memes that transcend language barriers. Thanks to this boom in popularity, they released their first generation of English-speaking VTubers back in 2020.

Here’s a list of hololive’s criteria for applicants below.

What We’re Looking For

Content creators and entertainers from all backgrounds are welcome to apply.

Those with the following skills and traits are given extra consideration:

  • Skilled competitive gamers of any genre
  • Experienced and proven livestreamers and content creators
  • Talented voice actors
  • Multilingual individuals
  • Experienced video editors


General requirements:

  • Age 18 or over at the time of auditioning
  • Ability to fully commit to content creation and streaming/submitting content at least 3 times per week for an extended period of time
  • English fluency
  • Has clear goals and objectives as an entertainer
  • Not currently affiliated with an entertainment agency/label or has the ability to terminate any affiliation if given the opportunity to debut
  • Ability to comply with rules and regulations regarding the audition process

Anyone planning on auditioning can apply here.



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