Hololive Advent releases horror voice drama The Manor

Hololive English Advent The Manor

Hololive has released a new voice drama for Halloween, featuring the voice talents of Hololive English Advent.

The new voice drama titled simply The Manor” follows the story of a group of maids working in a nearly empty manor. The maids are ranked on their performance and they fear that “something frightful” will befall the one in last place.

Audio/Voice dramas are a relatively new product for Hololive who normally release digital goods such as voice packs which are just quick sound bites or solo scenarios. A voice drama is basically a stageplay performed solely through audio thought there may be some roleplay elements with the listener.

Previously, Hololive released “Nene’s Summer Vacation” and “hololive ERROR ‘another story'” as voice dramas. Holostars has also released multiple voice dramas.

You can read a summary of Hololive English Advent’s “The Manor” below:

An artist’s secluded mansion, deep in the mountains.

In this household, there is a special system.

The maids are given points and ranked based on their performance.

What happens to the one who comes in last?

The maids only know it must be something frightful.

A newly hired maid has just arrived, brimming with eagerness.

But gradually, she begins to notice the strangeness of her circumstances.

The small number of staff, the mysteriously

absent Master, the fearful twin maids…

“Tell me… What happens if you come in last place?”

But her question goes unanswered.

The girls find themselves alone in the unsettling silence.

The story features

  • Shiori Novella as the Guide
  • Koseki Bijou as Lynette
  • Nerissa Ravencroft as Rose
  • Mococo Abyssgard as Aria
  • Fuwawa Abyssgard as Maria

Hololive English Advent is the latest generation on the EN side of the company. The group features a gothic theme of characters who escaped a magical “prison”. The group also includes the company’s first twin act with Mococo and Fuwawa sharing the same YouTube channel FuwaMoco.

You can get the latest Hololive voice drama “The Manor” here.



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