80s Japan horror game Hollow Cocoon gets December release date

Hollow Cocoon

Indie Japanese developer NAYUTA STUDIO has announced a release date for Hollow Cocoon, their new first-person horror game.

The 1980s-Japan set horror game launches on December 7th for Windows PC (via Steam). A playable demo is now available, and any items acquired in the demo carry over to the full game.

Here’s a rundown on the previously announced game, plus a new trailer:

What Kind of Game is Hollow Cocoon?

It is a first-person horror adventure game set in 1980s Japan.

Step into the shoes of Minato Jinba, a college student returning to his mother’s hometown after receiving news that his grandmother is in critical condition. Hide yourself from the monster and gather vital evidence to unravel the bone-chilling truth lurking beneath the surface!

The Story


Minato Jinba, a university student, lives away from his parents in a boarding house in the city. One night, Minato receives distressing news from his father, Eiji. Minato’s maternal grandmother, Kinu Miyama, is in critical condition. He embarks on a journey to Ichinose, a village deep in the mountains, where his mother was born.

Minato had not seen his grandmother for over a decade and harbors a deep resentment towards her. She had refused to even attend her own daughter’s funeral, further intensifying Minato’s disdain.

As the bus rumbles across the country road, Minato recalls his only conversation with his grandmother.

“The thing with silkworms, you know; even if they could leave their cocoons, they have no mouths to eat, and their wings do not fly. They simply lay their eggs and perish.”

“People are the reason they suffer this fate.”

The sky reddens in the twilight, and the mountains cast an ominous shadow. Minato finds himself in this house There, he finds himself in a terrifying situation with a shocking truth.


  • Multiple Endings – Experience a captivating story with four unique endings. Your choices will lead the story down different branching paths.
  • Difficulty Selection – Choose from three difficulty options. Whether you want to just enjoy the story or seek a challenging experience, the game can accommodate your needs.
  • Auto-Saving – Both auto-save and manual save options are available. Even if you get a game over, you can immediately restart from the last checkpoint.
  • Motion Sickness Reduction – To alleviate motion sickness, various features are available, including adjustable viewing angles, a central dot display, and the option to disable camera shaking. Multiple functions are provided to minimize motion sickness caused by visuals.


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