Historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Taking to Kickstarter

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Now that the holidays have come and gone, you may have forgotten some game releases, or even games being revealed. Do you remember Kingdom Come: Deliverance – that impressive historical, realistic, open world RPG that was revealed last month? Well the developers at Warhorse Studios have been teasing something big for awhile now, they even had a countdown clock.

Now the clock has run out and they’ve surprised us all – the game is  taking to kickstarter to be funded and completed.

It’s a bit shocking to me really, as the game already looks incredible and seriously ambitious, but it seems the project in development at Warhorse just didn’t cut it for publishers. They took their game to various publishers during a time before the Playstation 4 and Xbox One came out, many of them had concerns with the next generation of home consoles. Some even said that free to play MMOs on iPad would be the new big thing, and that innovative, ambitious games like Kingdom Come are a thing of the past.

You can view their kickstarter pitch below:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is described as Braveheart: The Game. Think of it as a gritty, realistic, open world medieval RPG in which you play a blacksmith’s son who rises to become a hero. The key thing about this game is how many options and choices you have. Want to play as an armor clad knight, riding into massive battles and winning the hearts of the villagers? You can do that. Are you afraid of getting face to face with brigands, preferring to play the lute and romance the ladies? You can also win the hearts of people by learning to be a bard.

The world and the events that can transpire in Kingdom Come are modeled after real world places and real historical events. This is not the fantasy RPG that you’ve become accustomed to, the words “dungeons and no dragons” are prominently emblazoned across their entire campaign. The story is rife with political intrigue, deep and rewarding storytelling that evolves as you grow and change as a character. There are no class restrictions, there are only consequences as the world changes with you.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is going to be an episodic tale, as the subtitle suggests, but don’t let that make you think the first game will be cut down in any shape or form. The first game will be at least 30 hours long, and the world in which you can explore in the first world is 3.5 square miles. To put that into perspective, the world map in Skyrim is roughly 6 square miles, and that’s for the entirety of Skyrim’s main campaign. The entire story will be released across three acts, the entirety of which is estimated to be over 70 hours of gameplay.

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There are loads of other things about the game that are extremely exciting, like the robust crafting, the branching dialogue system, and the crazy character customization. Just how customizable are characters in Kingdom Come? You have four layers of clothing and sixteen equipable slots, providing you with a staggering amount of choices in how you dress or armor your character. You can also develop relationships, learn trade skills, and even develop your fighting skills in the meticulously detailed combat system that is reminiscent of Demons/Dark Souls.

So what do you say – is Kingdom Come: Deliverance not worth being made? Those publishers seem to think so, but you can make the difference if you pledge to their kickstarter, which you can find here. So far they’re quickly closing in on £100,000, a third of their £300,000 goal. Help Warhorse not end up making the “176th free-to-play mobile RPG MMO Elven village-builder with DIAMONDS™, which they actually listed on their kickstarter, forever earning my respect of them.

View some more screenshots of Kingdom Come: Deliverance below:

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