Here’s the Debut Trailer for the Wacky, Adorable, Wattam

Funomena has finally given us a real look at the Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi’s Wattam.

Featured above, you can view the debut trailer for the Playstation 4 game. New information was also shared over on the PlayStation Blog.

Here is the press blurb, via the PS Blog:

  • Story – After a series of unfortunate events, there was a gigantic explosion which spread the people of Wattam all across the galaxy. As a result of this crazy boom, only a few people, a few pieces of the world, and the Mayor are left when you begin the game.
  • The Goal – To help the Mayor and Deputies bring all the people and places of Wattam back together again.
  • How to Achieve the Goal – By climbing, stacking, and chaining groups of people. Once you have a big collection, you can detonate it using the Mayor and Deputies. This will attract people who are hanging out in space, searching for their long lost home. There will be several worlds to unlock, starting with the 4 Seasons. The world you are seeing in today’s screenshots is spring.
  • Why Explosions Attract People and Grow the World – These explosions will be so stunning that *anyone* would want to get a closer look. By building crazy chains and stacks, and then blowing them up, you will fill the sky with joy. This is what unlocks new people, new levels and eventually new worlds to play in.
  • Is Connecting People Fun? – But of course! First of all, connecting people lets you experiment with the physics of the world in interesting and silly ways. Second — you can see how their special actions (moves like “Grow” or “Bounce” or “Party”) interact. Last but not least, each character has a unique riff that they contribute to a larger melody mashup when they connect. So you actually create the musical landscape of the Wattam as you play. F-f-fresh!
  • Is Wattam Challenging? – Each world has a series of characters that are hidden or asleep. To discover them and wake them up, you will need to experiment with combinations of people. A good example is the Flower people — who start off as sleeping sprouts until you rain on them with the Cloud. A lot of the game will progress in this fashion. There are also special “boss” characters, who are hard to connect with. But we will talk more about that next time…
  • Couch Multiplayer – You will be able to play the game all the way through on your own – but you can also play with friends and family, while sitting on the couch together. This means you can work collectively to achieve Wattam’s goals and unlock the story — or just spend time running around, building crazy shapes and exploding to your heart’s content.

Wattam is going to be on display at E3 next week, so we’ll see if we can get some hands on time with the game.

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