Multiplayer shooter Hellbreach: Vegas reveals co-op trailer and playtests

Hellbreach Vegas

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Infinity Ape Studio revealed a multiplayer co-op trailer and an exclusive closed playtest program for Hellbreach: Vegas.

Players can sign up for the closed playtest on Steam. To shorten the wait for the next playtest, Hellbreach: Vegas will present an updated solo player demo during Gamescom 2023.

Hellbreach: Vegas is releasing later in 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam). Check out our hands-on preview for the game here!

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:

How long can you survive in the Wave-Based First-Person Shooter – Hellbreach: Vegas?

Portals have spawned across Las Vegas, and hordes of demons are now between you and safety. Play as a solo survivor or a team of up to four trapped in the city. Shoot your way out of the hellbreach as waves of demon hordes attack, or set new records in the endless mode.

Fight wave after wave

Slay your way through a series of maps, each round more challenging than the last. Earning enough experience to upgrade your guns, ammo, and unlock other bonuses that will help you survive what’s to come.

Send them back to hell

Unlock and choose from 22 weapons. With a combination of modern and futuristic weapons, slay demons in your preferred style!

Play the game of chance

While you’re in Las Vegas, you might as well play the slots! Run the ‘Win a Weapon’ machine for a wide variety of weapons, or try your chances on our ‘Spin a Boost’ for a power-up. Not happy? Give the ‘Bag a Prize’ or ‘Rand a Bang’ machines a shot. Are you just looking to unlock those awesome cosmetics? Play our ‘Pull-A-Skull’ Machine for a chance to increase your end-game payout.

Explore the possibilities

Persevere through endless rounds in our ‘Survive’ mode to see demon bodies pile up and go for a high score. Looking for something more confined? Play on a challenging smaller version of the map in ‘Trapped’ or watch the walls close in on you in ‘Royale’. Alternatively, just looking to hone your marksmanship? Try ‘Gun Pro’ mode instead to train your accuracy with all weapon types.


  • 4 game modes: Survive, Trapped, Royale and Gun Pro.
  • 6 maps
  • 19 guns
  • 3 melee weapons
  • 12 perks
  • 5 fruit machines
  • 10 enemy types

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