Hearthstone announces Showdown in the Badlands expansion

Hearthstone Showdown in the Badlands

Hearthstone has announced their next card expansion called “Showdown in the Badlands”.

The new card set has a wild west theme and is named after the Badlands zone in World of Warcraft.

The set introduces two new keywords “Quickdraw” and “Excavate”.

Quickdraw cards have an additional effect when played on the turn they’re added to hand. This means they can be drawn, bounced, or generated and still receive their Quickdraw effect.

The second new keyword Excavate allows players to generate helpful cards that increase in power the more you Excavate. These range from a “Rock” that does 3 damage to an “Azerite Gem” which lets you discover a 5-cost card that costs 0.

Lastly, while not anything new, Highlander decks appear to be a thing in the upcoming set. For those who don’t know, in Collectible Card Games (CCGs) “Highlander” refers to a type of deck with only one of each card it has, so no duplicates (“there can be only one”, get it?).

You can check out the Hearthstone Showdown in the Badlands announcement below, along with some more card reveals!

Hearthstone is available now on Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

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