Hearthstone announces Festival of Legends expansion

Hearthstone Festival of Legends

The online Collectible Card Game (CCG) Hearthstone has announced their latest expansion Festival of Legends.

The upcoming set will be the first in the newest year, as the old sets Forged in the BarrensUnited in Stormwind, and Fractured in Alterac phase out from the Standard format.

Like usual, the new set will introduce a new keyword that will be featured in the set and may appear in other sets. For Festival of LegendsHearthstone is introducing the “Finale” keyword.

A card with Finale does an additional or empowered effect if playing the card reduces the user to 0 mana.

For example, if a player with two remaining mana cast “Power Chord: Synchronize”, the minion on the board and the one added to their hand would receive +1/+2.

The new expansion will also include a new type of card that switches its function every turn it’s in your hand. For now they’re being called Harmonic/Dissonant cards in order to fit with the music theming; it’s unclear if this will be a thing in future expansions.

Lastly, Hearthstone is adding a new Evergreen keyword called Overheal.

These cards will perform an additional interaction when healed by an amount that would otherwise be wasted due to them reaching max HP. It’s implied that cards from past sets may be updated with this keyword.

Hearthstone players can pre-order the Festival of Legends bundles now.

The Mega Bundle costs $79.99 and will include 80 card packs, 10 Golden card packs, the Hedanis Priest Hero Skin, and Hedanis card back.

The normal bundle will cost $49.99 and include 60 card packs and the Hedanis card back.

Hearthstone is available now on PC and mobile devices.



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