Open world farming-sim game Harvest Days is getting a playable demo

Harvest Days is getting a playable demo

Publisher Toplitz Productions and father-son duo studio Family Devs announced Harvest Days is getting a playable demo this coming week, during Steam Next Fest.

While Harvest Days is getting a playable demo, the demo will only be available from February 21st through the 28th via Steam, as part of Steam Next Fest’s massive offering of timed-exclusive demos.

Here’s a new trailer:

Harvest Days was successfully funded through Kickstarter later last year, and is gearing up for its initial launch this spring. Much like other farming sim lifestyle games, fans of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, or even the lifestyle sim Animal Crossing will likely enjoy it.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

No traffic jams. No skyscraper canyons. No boredom. Escape your daily nine-to-five grind and face a new challenge. With Harvest Days your dream of a new beginning comes true. A life on your own little peace of land, surrounded by friendly animals and cheerful neighbors is becoming reality.

Take over a small, forgotten farm and become one with nature. Care for the animals or tend to your garden. Harvest and trade your crops. Go fishing or explore the charming open world to uncover all its secrets. The sky is the limit! Are you ready?


  • BECOME A FARMER – You decide how you develop your field of dreams. But don’t overwork yourself when you take care of the farm animals, plant a dozen different types of fruit trees or more than 50 different crops. Your farm, your choice!
  • RELAX – Go fishing at the lake, chat with your neighbors or take your horse for a ride through the scenic and wild nature. Relaxing is just as important as taking care of your farm. You decide how you unwind in this enchanted, untouched paradise.
  • OPEN WORLD – Countless locations with bucketloads of secrets and surprises are waiting to be discovered, among them natural caves full of minerals, a temple ruin or a mysterious swamp. More than 40 activities and dozens of wild animals crossing your path will make sure that every excursion will deliver a unique experience.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE – Become part of the village community and make new friends. Buy, sell and trade products with your neighbors and invest your profits to expand your farm.
  • GATHER. CRAFT. BUILD. – The world of Harvest Days is rich in ressources. Gather wood, stone, minerals, gems and even magic mushrooms. Then build your own tools, furniture and decorations. You dream it – you build it.
  • CATCH A RIDE – Take it easy! Walking is healthy – for sure. But neither you nor your horse have to overdo it. The harvest is too bountiful for one farmer? No problem: Invest in heavy hardware to help you with your job. With plenty of vehicles to choose from, you’ll find just about everything you need!
  • EVERY FARM IS UNIQUE – Develop your new home as you see fit. The possibilities are endless, there is no right or wrong. If it makes you happy, it can’t be bad.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – Nobody can tell you what to do. And it is not only your farm that needs to be taken care of. Eat, drink, get plenty of rest and enjoy the quaint surroundings. There is no point in building a farming paradise if there is no time to enjoy it.

Harvest Days is set for an early access release for Windows PC (via Steam) on April 5th.

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