Guilty Gear: Strive 1 year anniversary broadcast will detail season 2

Guilty Gear: Strive

Arc System Works has announced they will host a Guilty Gear: Strive almost 1 year anniversary live broadcast.

It is set for May 25th 20:00 JST (8:00 PM, for those who can’t read military time), while the actual one year anniversary is June 11th.

The broadcast is set to discuss the past and future of Guilty Gear thus far, as well as feature an exhibition match. There will also be information given about the upcoming second season for the game.

While the idea of the broadcast celebrating the “almost anniversary” sounds odd. It’s looking highly likely that any announcements made during this broadcast will be released right on June 11th to celebrate the anniversary proper.

Those wanting to catch the livestream will be able to watch on their YouTube or their Twitter.

It’ll be interesting to see what will be announced for their plans on the second season of the game. The existence of such was confirmed earlier this year. Most recently they had released DLC for their season one pass, which came out last month.

Guilty Gear: Strive is available on Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.



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