GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters reportedly canceled

Red Dead Redemption

Earlier this year, there were rumors about potential remasters for Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. However, according to an insider report on Rockstar Games, it seems that these projects are no longer being worked on.

Frequent leaker TezFunz2 noted they had sources claiming the company had been playing about the idea for a few years, only to now scrap them entirely. While it’s no guarantee, speculation points towards the poor reception of the GTA trilogy, which was infamous at launch for its plethora of bugs and poor design choices.

They also make clear in a later tweet that both remasters were not in production. So, there are no prototypes or demos of these games in existence. Simply that Rockstar Games had been in the planning stages of working on the games, only to decide against it later down the road.

This is unfortunate news, but perhaps for the best considering the results of the remaster made last year. The GTA trilogy was plagued with many issues due to the company outsourcing the development to another company. These came alongside a number of censorship issues that surfaced with the newer version, which were not present in the originals.

However, this is bad news for fans of Red Dead Redemption. While GTA IV was released on PC, meaning it has more easy access for mods that would improve features such as graphics. Red Dead Redemption was only released on consoles back then and never saw a release on PC.

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