GrimGrimoire OnceMore debut trailer and first details

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

Publisher Nippon Ichi Software and developer Vanillaware shared the GrimGrimoire OnceMore debut trailer alongside the first details on the newly announced game.

Here’s the GrimGrimoire OnceMore debut trailer:

Here’s the first info about the game:

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

GrimGrimoire is a magical fantasy RTS (Real Time Simulation) in which a young wizard girl, Lillet, struggles to solve a mystery in order to avoid a recurring five-day period and a looming disaster. Developed by Vanillaware, the game was released by Nippon Ichi Software in 2007.

The game has been revived as GrimGrimoire OnceMore with a higher resolution to match the Switch/PS4, “Great Magic” that has the power to overturn the battlefield, and a “Skill Tree” that strengthens the wizards. “We have added new systems that make it easier to play.

Please look forward to GrimGrimoire OnceMore, which has evolved to be even more beautiful, vivid, and easier to play.

The Story

The girl, Lillet Blan, was thrilled with excitement.

She has been invited to a school of magic where only boys and girls with a recognized talent for magic can enter. The headmaster of the school is the great wizard Gaminel Dore, who once defeated the Demon King. And the “Tower of the Silver Star Body,” the school’s building, was the residence of the destroyed Demon King.

The tower is filled with mysteries and dangers that have yet to be solved, and people with various agendas have gathered there. Only five days after Lillet first touches a grimoire and begins her journey to become a wizard A terrible disaster struck the tower, and everyone in the tower lost their lives. Except for one person, who went back in time without knowing why…

Will Lillet be able to get to the bottom of what happened in the five days that repeat themselves? Will she be able to end the nightmarish five days?

In order to avoid repeated deaths, “Grimoire” is opened once again.


Lillet Blan (CV: Iori Saeki)
She is a serious and hardworking girl who was invited to the “Tower of the Silver Star Body” because of her talent for magic. She hopes to become a great wizard for the sake of her younger brothers who are waiting for her return to their poor home. She is caught up in unexpected hardships, but she confronts the mysteries with daring actions and calm judgment that she did not know she had.

Margarita Surprise (CV: Miharu Hanai)
A student at a magic school. Lillet is the first friend she meets. She was rescued from a town where wizards were persecuted, but she has a carefree personality and goes at her own pace. She carries a magical frog named “Shirley” on her head.

Gammel Dore (CV: Teruo Seki)
Principal of a magic school. He is a legendary wizard who once defeated the Demon King and sealed the demon that made a contract with him. He established a magic school in the former castle of the Demon King, “Tower of the Silver Star,” and invites promising young people from all over the world to become successors in the art of magic.

Advocat (CV: Hiromichi Tezuka)
A demon who teaches black magic. The details of his contract with the principal are unknown. He prefers to act like a gentleman, but sometimes his demonic nature peeks through. He seems to refrain from collecting souls at school, but he will not refuse to collect souls as long as they jump in from the other side.


Magical Fantasy x RTS with beautiful visuals!

The main character, Lillet, is invited to the magic school “Tower of the Silver Star Body” to begin his path to become a wizard. At the school, demons and ghosts interfere with classes, golems created by alchemy run amok, and various other incidents occur. In addition, the magic school seems to have some secrets…

Aim to become a great wizard while clearing stages by making full use of various magic such as spirit art and séance art. Combat is performed in RTS (Real Time Simulation) style, where players summon messengers with the help of grimoires (grimoires) and attack the enemy camp while defending their own camp.

Fairies, golems, demons and dragons. Various messengers.

In magical warfare, battles are fought by messengers summoned by using grimoires (grimoires). The spirits, golems, and other messengers have a variety of appearances, each with unique abilities.

Dragons are powerful, but they need time to hatch from eggs.

Use your chemistry to your advantage in battle!

There are four types of magic (spirit magic, séance, necromancy, and alchemy), each with its own unique attributes that can summon unique units.

In addition, there are two types of messengers: substance and astral. Astral has the property of being very weak against magical attacks, but ineffective against any physical attacks. It is a good idea to apply an astral messenger to a powerful physical attacker.

The key to the strategy is to consider the compatibility with the enemy and summon a user demon that can fight to your advantage.

The Homunculus’ ability “Kreyavoyance” allows it to attack Astral physically.

Grimalkin’s ability “Sleep” can put even the mightiest enemies to sleep.

Features of the OnceMore version

  • Higher resolution graphics – The finely detailed visuals are even more vivid now that the game has been converted to HD. The wider screen ratio also makes it easier to grasp the board of the magic battle.
  • Completely new character voices recorded – All new voices in the game are recorded. The cast has been completely renewed from the original version. In addition, the voices of Lillet and her friends have been added not only in the drama parts but also during battles, allowing players to enjoy a new aspect of Grim Grimoire.
  • New “Great Magic” system – Four new types of “great magic” that can be used in battle have been implemented. Although the number of times they can be activated is limited, “Mana Burst,” which releases flames that inflict damage over a wide area, and “Resurrection,” which heals wounded allies, are all moves that are sure to change the situation. The “A” in “A” is a “B” in “B”.
    –Wipe out the enemy with the great magic “Mana Burst”! The lively cut-in animation is also noteworthy.
  • New “Skill Tree” system – In the OnceMore version, missions (tasks) are set apart from the victory conditions of each stage. The coins earned by completing the tasks can be used to enhance the magic circle and the user magician.
    –It is up to the player to decide how they want to enhance their magic circle and their magician, and the coins are refundable, so players can experiment with various enhancements.
  • Gallery Features – A “Gallery” feature has been added, allowing users to view illustrations created for “Grim Grimoire” and “Grim Grimoire OnceMore”. A total of over 90 illustrations by Vanillaware production staff are covered.
  • Changes and adjustments from the original version – A “fast forward” function and “save in battle” function have been added to the battle and drama parts, making it easier to play at one’s own pace. In addition, the difficulty level of “Hard” has been adjusted to make it more challenging than the original version.

GrimGrimoire OnceMore is launching for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 28th in Japan.

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